Carpet Cleaning

Over time, carpets accumulate dirt, odors, and stains. Nothing gives a room an instant “face-lift” like a professional carpet cleaning. Whether you have visitors coming, you’re preparing your house to sell, or you’re just sick of looking at your drab rug, Coastal Carpet Cleaning will bring your carpeting back to life and make it look new again. We use the hot water extraction method, which is the most common and highly recommended form of carpet cleaning. It allows for deep penetration into the carpet’s pile, and is a superior method for removing difficult stains like coffee, red wine and pet stains.

In addition to hot water extraction, we also offer a VLM (Very Low Moisture) method of cleaning carpets and hard surfaces. The CRB (Counter Rotating Brush) offers amazing results on residential & commercial carpeting. It’s dual counter-rotating, cylindrical brushes agitate carpet fibers and break up tough soils like no other machine in the industry.

Super quiet operation and nearly instantaneous drying times create a great solution for those situations where hot water extraction is not practical. Examples of situations where the CRB would be preferable over hot water extraction would be:

• Cleaning a commercial property during business hours
• Cleaning a rental property on change over day
• Cleaning any residence or commercial property where a 24 hour dry time is inconvenient
• Cleaning a business that is open to the public 7 days a week so they don’t have to shut down
• Last minute cleaning before an Open House, or other event

The Features & Benefits of CRB cleaning include:

• Carpet encapsulation cleaning
• VLM (Very Low Moisture) cleaning technology
• Exceptional agitation to loosen dirt and debris
• Pile lifting for better soil removal
• Powerful pre and post vacuuming strength
• Carpet grooming
• Also cleans hard surfaces like tile & grout
• Can be used in conjunction with hot water extraction for superior cleaning results

Area Rug Cleaning

An area rug adds beauty, style and comfort to any room. They also withstand a lot of foot traffic and accumulate soiling, stains, and pollutants over time. Dirt, dust, spills, pet “accidents” odors, and dust mites can all fester in a rug, even when it’s vacuumed on a regular basis. Not only does this deteriorate the esthetic appeal of your rug, it also damages the fibers and could cause some health issues due to allergens. A clean area rug is a healthy, beautiful area rug!

The process for cleaning area rugs is different than cleaning wall to wall carpeting. Though in some cases a synthetic (non-wool) area rug can be cleaned in your home, we generally recommend that most area rugs be cleaned at our facility. We pick up your rugs and utilize a specialized cleaning system and tools designed specifically for the needs of area rugs.Our methods follow the industry standards for proper area rug cleaning. We use the following steps to clean your rugs:

  1. Pre-Inspection: We will come to your home or business and inspect the rugs(s), noting all stains, soiled areas, and pre-existing damage, as well as identifying the type of rug and qualities that could affect cleaning.
  2. Pick Up: We will pick up your rug(s) and transfer to our facility.
  3. Dusting: Using several techniques, we remove the loose particles of dust, dirt and debris that have lodged in the rug. This is a critical step in the cleaning process of area rugs! Millions of particles settle into the base of the rug and fibers. Proper removal can take pounds off an area rug!
  4. Pre-Treatment: Based on fiber and weave type, the rug will be pre treated to break down soils and stains.
  5. Shampoo: A special shampoo, chosen specifically for your rugs individual needs, is used to gently, yet effectively clean your rugs.
  6. Rinse: Your rug will be rinsed thoroughly and extracted to remove as much moisture as possible.
  7. Drying: Depending on the type of rug, we will either lay it flat to dry or hang the rug with commercial dryers blowing in a controlled environment. Proper drying is critical to avoid problems like shrinkage, warping, browning, etc.
  8. Grooming: Once washed and dried, grooming tools are used to comb your rug for a professional, finished look.
  9. Final Inspection & Delivery: We will deliver the rug to the customer, at which point we perform the post inspection with the customer to assure their satisfaction.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning can bring old furniture back to life. Why spend thousands of dollars to replace what you have? Coastal Carpet Cleaning will give your upholstered furniture the deep cleaning it needs to restore it to its former beauty. Our fast, reliable process will also kill bacteria and allergens, and leave your furniture looking and smelling clean and fabulous!

Tile and Grout

Tile and grout can look dirty and dingy over time. Normal mopping and spray cleaners just can’t tackle the dirt that gets embedded in the pores of the tile and grout. Coastal Carpet Cleaning has equipment especially designed to penetrate deep into the pores and extract the dirt and stains, leaving your floors sparkling! Once cleaned, we will apply a sealer to prevent future stains.

Hardwood Floors

hardwood floors

Sweeping and mopping your hardwood floors is great for ongoing maintenance and removing some surface dirt, dust & debris. However, it doesn’t get your floors truly clean. We use the powerful Dirt Dragon wood floor cleaning machine which is engineered to get wood floors sparkling clean without damaging the finish. The exclusive water containment and vacuum system will extract the toughest dirt and surface contaminants while leaving the floor immediately dry after use. Your floors will look like new again!


Mattresses are one of the most overlooked areas of a home for cleaning. Over time, they accumulate dirt, dust, allergens, and dust mites, not to mention perspiration, sloughed-off skin cells, and stains from spills and accidents. At Coastal Carpet Cleaning, we clean, sanitize and deodorize your mattresses to make them like new again so you and your loved ones can sleep healthy.

Pet Stains and Odor Control

We love our pets, but as often as we may brush and bathe them, there are often still lingering odors. These odors get into carpeting, area rugs, and upholstery. In addition to odors, sometimes our furry friends have accidents. If these accidents aren’t cleaned quickly and properly, stains and odors will fester and become a toxic breeding ground of bacteria. Coastal Carpet Cleaning specializes in getting out the tough stains so you can breathe easy and enjoy your home again.